Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ShoreDog Planning Session

SHOREDOG Historical Background
  • Discuss history of organization and need for a stewardship group

SHOREDOG Organizational Needs

Communication Assistance
  • Getting word out to public about ShoreDog
  • With City of Shoreline,  Park Steward and ShoreDog Leadership Liaison
  • Email, website and social media communications
  • Media outreach such as Shoreline Area News, Patch

Website/Social Media Assistance
  • Assistance with updating website content and format
  • Could we look to a SCC intern or Pro-Bono from a local professional?

Outreach Efforts – Special Events Assistance
  • Assistance with planning and organizing any special events
  • Day of event volunteers

Work Party Assistance (Saltwater, Shoreview, Eastside)
  • Park Steward(s) for each site
    • Assistance at organizing regular volunteer work parties
    • Communicating with City staff about work parties and maintenance needs
    • Posting information for users at the site regarding care of the site, rules, work parties, meetings, events
    • Eagle Scout Projects to complete site needs/improvement wish list


  • Regular work parties
  • Consider installing a counter at the gate
  • Consider trees and pathway
  • Flatten Wood Chip Piles                                       
  • Covered shelter                                                      
  • Review fence line for maintenance issues                   
  • Investigate moving Fence w/ SCC                      


  • Regular work parties
  • Consider installing a counter at the gate          
  • Consider delivery/place Chips    
  • Ask State to repair road potholes
  • Ask State for a west side entry gate
  • Remove Sweet Pea Plants                      
  • Remove caution tape from spayed wasp nest
  • Review fence line for maintenance needs: Fix fence in the northwest corner
Establish regular communication protocols
  • City Community Response Team (206) 801-2700 – use for any operational or maintenance questions or concerns.
  • Call Maureen at (206) 801-2603 or mcolaizzi@shorelinewa.gov  
SHOREDOG 2014 Work Plan Suggestions 
  • Regular Membership meetings (Every 2nd Tuesday) w/  topic and/or speaker
  • Regular work parties (Every 2nd Saturday following Membership meetings) to accomplish site needs at each off-leash dog area
    • training events/demonstrations at Work Parties 

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