Thursday, November 21, 2013

ShoreDOG Planning Session

SHOREDOG, the next generation

Erika Seather, Current ShoreDog President
Maggie Dean, Current ShoreDog Treasurer
Mary Barnes, Current ShoreDog Board Member – Past DogFest Coordinator
Adam Colby, Eastside User
Tina Colby, Eastside User
Lynn Havens, Eastside User
Brad S., Eastside User
Sally Savage, Eastside User
Laurie Masover, Eastiside User
Robert Pawliski, Eagle Scout Father
Peter Pauliski, Eagle Scout

Absent: Mark Stime

A discussion on transition of leadership of ShoreDog

Discussion revolved around focusing the mission of ShoreDog on Stewardship of the existing Off-Leash Dog Areas and creating a plan for transitioning the leadership of the current ShoreDog Board to new appointees by March 2014.  

  • Establish regular member meetings. First Tuesday of the Month from 7-8:30pm.
    • January 7, 2014 from 7-8:30pm at City Hall, Room 303
    • February 4, 2014 from 7-8:30pm at City Hall, Room 301
    • March 11, 2014 from 7-8:30pm at City Hall, Room 301
    • City will work to find other dates beginning in December for this timeslot

  • Establish regular work parties alternating sites. Second Saturday of the Month.

    • February 8, 11-1pm Eastside Off-Leash Dog Area
    • March 8, 11-1pm Shoreview/Saltwater Off-Leash Dog Areas

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ShoreDog Planning Session

SHOREDOG Historical Background
  • Discuss history of organization and need for a stewardship group

SHOREDOG Organizational Needs

Communication Assistance
  • Getting word out to public about ShoreDog
  • With City of Shoreline,  Park Steward and ShoreDog Leadership Liaison
  • Email, website and social media communications
  • Media outreach such as Shoreline Area News, Patch

Website/Social Media Assistance
  • Assistance with updating website content and format
  • Could we look to a SCC intern or Pro-Bono from a local professional?

Outreach Efforts – Special Events Assistance
  • Assistance with planning and organizing any special events
  • Day of event volunteers

Work Party Assistance (Saltwater, Shoreview, Eastside)
  • Park Steward(s) for each site
    • Assistance at organizing regular volunteer work parties
    • Communicating with City staff about work parties and maintenance needs
    • Posting information for users at the site regarding care of the site, rules, work parties, meetings, events
    • Eagle Scout Projects to complete site needs/improvement wish list


  • Regular work parties
  • Consider installing a counter at the gate
  • Consider trees and pathway
  • Flatten Wood Chip Piles                                       
  • Covered shelter                                                      
  • Review fence line for maintenance issues                   
  • Investigate moving Fence w/ SCC                      


  • Regular work parties
  • Consider installing a counter at the gate          
  • Consider delivery/place Chips    
  • Ask State to repair road potholes
  • Ask State for a west side entry gate
  • Remove Sweet Pea Plants                      
  • Remove caution tape from spayed wasp nest
  • Review fence line for maintenance needs: Fix fence in the northwest corner
Establish regular communication protocols
  • City Community Response Team (206) 801-2700 – use for any operational or maintenance questions or concerns.
  • Call Maureen at (206) 801-2603 or  
SHOREDOG 2014 Work Plan Suggestions 
  • Regular Membership meetings (Every 2nd Tuesday) w/  topic and/or speaker
  • Regular work parties (Every 2nd Saturday following Membership meetings) to accomplish site needs at each off-leash dog area
    • training events/demonstrations at Work Parties 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 DogFest Coming Up!

Join ShoreDOG, the City of Shoreline, and the Shoreline Breakfast Rotary at Hamlin Park this Saturday for our 5th annual DogFest.  We'll have exciting games, contests, vendors, demonstrations and information in a festive fido-friendly environment.  All activities will be enclosed to allow dogs to participate leash-free. 

Entry fees for pet contests will help raise money for ShoreDOG.

You may want to bring...
  • Cash for contest entry or vendor purchases
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses - we're optimistic!
  • Plastic bags for poop pickup
  • Shopping bag for grab-bag goodies
  • Dog towels, in case your dog cools off with a dip in the wading pool
  • Water bottle
Hamlin Park offers shade, seating, and bathroom facilities with running potable water.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

East-side Opening

On Saturday, July 13 at 10:00 a.m. approximately 25 people and their four legged friends attended the Eastside Off-Leash Dog Area dedication ceremony located at 1760 NE 150th Street on the southeast corner of the Fircrest campus at NE 150th Street and 20th Avenue NE. Councilmember Shari Winstead spoke on behalf of the Shoreline City Council. She thanked the Fircrest Administration for approving the use on the Fircrest Campus, members of ShoreDog – the dog park advocacy and stewardship group, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Board and the subcommittee of citizens who worked to find the site and Shoreline City staff who worked with the Fircrest Administration and the Washington Department of Social and Health Services to craft the five year lease agreement for use of the site.  Visit the Eastside Off-Leash Dog Area project page for more information.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013.04.27- Board Meeting

Attendees: Erika, Maggie, Mary, Mina, Kate

Fence Moving:

  • Stay within the property line
  • Allow access for people outside the dog park without forcing them off parks property.
Work Parties:

  • 5/18- Maggie - wood chips, cleanup
  • 6/8- Kate - more of the same
  • 8/10 - Mary - DogFest
Site Design:

  • Discussion of where the wheelchair access trail (ie, no woodchips) will be.
  • Suggestion of crushed gravel pathways - winding, wide enough for wheelchair.
  • Use railroad tie materials to create raised (buried) topography
Need signs:
  • bring plastic bags.
  • scoop the poop.
  • water barrel
  • No longer sending t-shirt with donation a donation. Will indicate that the donor can pick up their free t-shirt at DogFest.
  • Stickers?
  • Site
    • Mary to do site walk with Erika to establish fencing needs, vehicle access, and event layout.  Planned for 4/27 @ 4 pm.
  • Volunteer
    • Looking for volunteers for site prep and event day support.
    • Mina will contact high schools
    • Lynn from Rotary
  • Materials
    • posters - Mary & Maggie can ask for help from
    • Reusable signs - proposed printing by FastSigns
  • Money - charge for hot dogs - $1, have Rotary handle money and issue tickets? Or stick with donation jar?
  • Postering -
    • Will divvy up list of areas
  • M.C. - Mary will ask Jamie again
  • Trainer - same as last year
City Business:
  • Breed-specific legislation is not being pursued following complaint of attack at Richmond Beach. ShoreDOG's approach will attempt to create awareness, promote owner engagement while at the park

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013.01.12- Board/Public Meeting

Board Meeting 
  • Attendees: Erika, Kate, Mary, Mina, Maggie 
  • Treasurer's report: $3067.73 
  • Board members in attendance recommitted for 2013. 
  • Work Parties:  
    • Erika: 3/30 
      • Move fence 
      • Erika will ask City about hand augers and post-hole diggers 
      • Fence materials may not be reusable 
    • Maggie: 5/18 @ 10 am 
    • Mary: DogFest 
    • Kate: 6/8 @ 10 
  • Master plan for ShoreView: 
    • Mary has landscape designer willing to work on site layout 
    • Wish list 
      • Forested area (ie, fence moving) 
      • Walkable/rollable meandering 
      • Rises topography (mounds) 
      • Activity zones (incl sandbox) 
      • Visual breakup 
      • Pavilion 
      • Shade trees 
      • Fetch area 
      • Water area 
      • Lighting (solar?) 
      • Memorial pet garden (benches/pavers/plantings... interning remains) 
    • Need sign at entrance 
    • Need sign for back of kiosk 
    • Fence is starting to give out 
  • Richmond Beach  
  • Send out ask for Richmond Beach 'reporter' to keep an eye on things and send info back to board 
  • Annual Meeting date moved to January. 
  • Financial commitment to east-side site site has not been determined. 
  • Next meeting: April 20th @ 10am at Erika's house 

Public Meeting  
  • Update on potential Fircrest site  
    • Open House at City Hall 1/24, 6-7 
    • Brief presentation on the process for site selection 
    • Would like walk-through access from Hamlin 
    • Lease for 5 years 
    • ShoreDOG is exploring a fundraising options, sponsorship opportunities 
    • Eagle Scout project: to ease PRCS involvement, scouts need to:  
      • Design 
      • Arrange funding 
      • Approval by City 
    • Plenty of parking 
    • Goal: June launch 
    • Can we do DogFest there? 
    • Q&A 
  • Volunteers are frustrated with not being able to accomplish more.  
    • Need to be able to work on projects & improvements, not just pick up poop.  
    • Need to get closer to the model that Marymoor uses, where adults can use power tools. 
    • Need liability insurance? 
  • Shari will ask about what happened to PROS plan input 
  • Membership model- what are the amounts? 
  • Are there t-shirts or sweatshirts? 
    • Mary will check current inventory 
    • Luxe Riot- specialty silk screening