Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013.04.27- Board Meeting

Attendees: Erika, Maggie, Mary, Mina, Kate

Fence Moving:

  • Stay within the property line
  • Allow access for people outside the dog park without forcing them off parks property.
Work Parties:

  • 5/18- Maggie - wood chips, cleanup
  • 6/8- Kate - more of the same
  • 8/10 - Mary - DogFest
Site Design:

  • Discussion of where the wheelchair access trail (ie, no woodchips) will be.
  • Suggestion of crushed gravel pathways - winding, wide enough for wheelchair.
  • Use railroad tie materials to create raised (buried) topography
Need signs:
  • bring plastic bags.
  • scoop the poop.
  • water barrel
  • No longer sending t-shirt with donation a donation. Will indicate that the donor can pick up their free t-shirt at DogFest.
  • Stickers?
  • Site
    • Mary to do site walk with Erika to establish fencing needs, vehicle access, and event layout.  Planned for 4/27 @ 4 pm.
  • Volunteer
    • Looking for volunteers for site prep and event day support.
    • Mina will contact high schools
    • Lynn from Rotary
  • Materials
    • posters - Mary & Maggie can ask for help from
    • Reusable signs - proposed printing by FastSigns
  • Money - charge for hot dogs - $1, have Rotary handle money and issue tickets? Or stick with donation jar?
  • Postering -
    • Will divvy up list of areas
  • M.C. - Mary will ask Jamie again
  • Trainer - same as last year
City Business:
  • Breed-specific legislation is not being pursued following complaint of attack at Richmond Beach. ShoreDOG's approach will attempt to create awareness, promote owner engagement while at the park

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